This two-part quest is given by The Old Wizard at player level 7.

Rrerequest: Reach Level 7
Trigger Quest: ???

Part 1Edit

Oh well, that's just COLD. Frosties have invaded the village and they're sttacking the villagers, we have to do something.


After Finish the Quest:
This is different. Wrong. The monsters appeared out of nowhere and went straight for the villagers... almost as if they were working under some terrible command.


Part 2Edit

Well, well, well, so you are the brave little townfolk who have been frocing back the legions of darkness. I expected you to be a little more... warrior-ish.


  • Defeat Fight Ice Dragon in town. (Can't be skipped with Diamond icon.)

After Finish the Quest:
Well, warrior-ish or not, you thawed out my Ice Dragon with little problem. I will return.


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