Wreath of Earth
Wreath of earth
Category: Heroes
Subcategory: Hair
Item Details
Source: Heroes Menu

Wreath of Earth is a Hair Style with which to customize the appearance of Heroes.

How to GetEdit

Wreath of Earth is a free customization which can be found in the Hero Heroes Menu under the Hair style Hair tab.

No Hair Back Swept Blond Wise Gray Dark Spike Brown Spike Black Beauty Brown Beauty Red Assassin Side Swept Brown Royal Blond Royal Bronze Suave Brown Suave Chestnut Purple Side Ponytail Chestnut Side Ponytail Long Aquamarine Long Brown Blond Bob Brown Bob Smooth Brown Smooth Deep Purple Sumo Samurai Blond Quiff Red Quiff Lightning Pink Thunderous Green Hair of Judgment Hair of Justice Wreath of Wind Wreath of Earth Goldi's Locks Dorothy's Do Spiky Brown Spiky Pink Mighty Blond Puff Mighty Silver Puff Ginger Curls Chocolate Curls Platinum Feather Fiery Feather
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