Category: Market
Subcategory: Shops
Item Details
Source: Market
Collectible Drops: Oak Mahogany
Restock Time: 60 minutes
XP: 1 XP icon
Unlock at Level: 6
Cost to Buy: 550 Gold icon
Value to Sell: 275 Gold icon

The Workshop is a Market Shop. The Workshop takes up a 2 x 2 space in Town. While working, it is kinetic with floating wood shavings.

How to GetEdit

Purchase the Workshop for 550 gold from the Market Market under the Shops Shops tab.

Drops / CollectiblesEdit


Level Payout Restock Cost Upgrade Materials Upgrade Cost
1 180 Gold icon 50 Goods Icon 1,200 Gold icon
2 200 Gold icon 60 Goods Icon 4,000 Gold icon
3 225 Gold icon 70 Goods Icon 15,000 Gold icon
4 255 Gold icon 80 Goods Icon 36,000 Gold icon
5 300 Gold icon 90 Goods Icon 75,000 Gold icon
6 350 Gold icon 100 Goods Icon


Armory Bakery Blacksmith Butcher Dairy Farm Farm Patch Fishmonger Fruit Shop Inn Library Lumbermill Magic Shop Tailor Windmill Workshop
Seasonal Shop: Wizard School
Market Categories
Decor Houses Shops

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