Town House
Town House
Category: Market
Subcategory: Houses
Item Details
Source: Market
XP: 1 XP icon
Unlock at Level: 6
Cost to Buy: 900 Gold icon
Value to Sell: 450 Gold icon

The Town House is a Market House that takes up a 2 x 2 space in Town.

How to GetEdit

Purchase the Town House for 900 gold from the Market Market under the Houses Houses tab.


This house pays out every 10 hours regardless of level.

At level one, the Town House pays 25 gold per hour. At this rate, profit begins 40 hours after purchase.


Level Payout Upgrade Materials Upgrade Cost
1 250 Gold icon 1,900 Gold icon
2 290 Gold icon 5,000 Gold icon
3 340 Gold icon 12,000 Gold icon
4 410 Gold icon 25,000 Gold icon
5 500 Gold icon 50,000 Gold icon
6 600 Gold icon


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