The Town Guardian is a special statue in your Town that provides you with a daily Gold reward. (In game terms, it is a type of House which pays out every 18 hours. Quests that require collecting from houses also apply to it.) When the game opens, the statue is covered in a dark material and surrounded by wilderness. Defeating Monsters allows you to uncover more of the Town Guardian by leveling it up, and gain more daily gold. The guardian will be completely uncovered once it reaches level 10.

Fun FactsEdit

  • The Town Guardian literally does not protect the village, the village protects it.
  • The Guardian is made of stainless steel and some gold and granite.
  • The Guardian is unable to walk, run, or jump.
  • As you investigated, The TG scares off more monsters. (This is the reason why almost all the monsters are 50-100 feet away from it).
  • As you investigated, the dark spots of TG will be removed by killing some monsters.(The reason is unknown. Maybe there were some ancient curses like foreshadowed at the very beginning).
  • Sadly, No one knows the exact height of that huge and gigantic structure. But some rumor has it is 1,000 FT).
  • It literally gives gold to the player (in direct or indirect way).
  • No one knows who built the statue. (Maybe it built itself?)
  • Unlike other statues, this statue prioritizes divine nature (focuses on good) than the other ones who are bad because they are evil or something.
  • Rumor has it, the statue has its own eye of justice (It sees the entire horizon of the game).

Placement on LandEdit

The town guardian occupies 5 x 5 squares. It can not be moved or sold from your town.


This table shows how many monsters need to be defeated for each level to unlock and how much the daily reward is at that level. Monsters to be defeated are cumulative, i.e., level 3 only requires 70 additional monsters to be defeated.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Defeat Monsters - 10 80 300 900





Daily Reward Gold icon 1,000 1,100 1,200 1,300 1,400 1,500 1,600 1,700 1,800 1,900