Town sample

The Town is contiguous sets of 5 x 5 squares in the center of the Gameworld where the player can place buildings, such as Shops, Decor and Houses, from the Market.

To customize the appearance of town, use the Edit button to move and rotate buildings.

It is also possible to gain greater space in town by buying Land Expansions in the surrounding wilderness.

Outside of town are four areas where Monsters spawn. In the upper right quadrant are the waterfall and Swamp.  In the lower right quadrant are the Lava Pits. In the lower left quadrant are the Grasslands.  In the upper left quadrant is the Desert.

Sometimes, monsters also spawn in the center of town during Quests. These monsters harass Townspeople, but don't cause lasting damage.

Desert Grasslands Lava Pits Swamp Town
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