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This strategy guide is intended for metadata on the game and subjective analysis of gameplay. The methods mentioned here are especially true at the beginning part of the game.


  • Only unlock the minimum number of Heroes: The requirements in order to unlock them [building or weapon upgrades] are costly, impractical and not helpful to gameplay.
  • Only send one hero to kill each Monster: Sending more than two heroes into battle sharply increases the cost.


  • Only have one set of high-level equipment: This focuses resources on having one strong hero who can kill any monster, therefore decreasing both the cost of upgrading equipment and of fighting monsters.
  • However, have two types of Weapons upgraded: Some monsters are immune to a certain kind of damage.
  • Do not buy Hats: They add no value to the statistics of your heroes.


The most efficient Crops are Carrots and Pumpkin.

Experience & LevelingEdit

Avoid gaining unnecessary experience: Leveling up gives little reward and automatically increases the level of all Monsters, as well.

  • Do not kill monsters unless part of a Quest or Bounty
  • Do not restock Shops with short restock times
  • Do not buy Decor: Every purchase provides experience.



  • Only upgrade shops to level 2: This is required to unlock the second tier Collectibles without incurring unnecessary cost.
  • The most efficient shops are the Fruit Shop and Tailor.


Diamonds are the hardest resource to acquire in the game. Save them to use at higher levels only.

  • Do not use diamonds to heal heroes.
  • Do not use diamonds to buy collectibles.
  • Do not use diamonds to skip parts of quests.
  • Do not use diamonds to buy extra Goods or Gold.

Land ExpansionEdit

Only expand into the few areas that are low-cost.


  • Do not buy Decor unless part of a quest.
  • Sell the Small Fountain provided at the beginning of the game for extra gold.

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