This two-part quest is given by The Builder at player level 7.

Rrerequest: Reach Level 7
Trigger Quest: None

Part 1Edit

Do you smell something fishy? No, nor do I. Our fish supplier has disappeared in mysterious circumstances.


After Finish the Quest:
Good Idea. If we build a fishmonger, we might be able to lure in whoever kidnapped the last one!


Part 2Edit

Turns out the Octopus King has been forcing our fishmonger to cut up his royal fish dinners for him! Reports suggest he's 8 armed and dangerous.


  • Defeat Fight 5 Tiny Octopus (located near Waterfall). (Skip for 6 Diamond icon each.)
  • Defeat Fight Octopus King (located near Waterfall). (Skip for 30 Diamond icon.)

After Finish the Quest:
You dethroned the Octopus King! They'll have to cut up their own fish now. That should give those suckers something to think about.


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