Quest Screen

Quests are given by characters in the game and drive the story line of adventures. Quests unlock in a linear pattern, and can be activated by reaching a new level or completing an active quest.

Each active quest will appear as an icon on the left side of the screen with a picture of the character giving the quest. As parts of a quest are completed, the progress bar beneath the character's icon will fill in with green color.

Tutorial QuestsEdit

These quests start at the beginning of the game, walking through basic gameplay elements of fighting Monsters, building, farming, stocking Shops, destroying Dungeons, completing Bounties, recruiting Heroes, and buying equipment.

Main QuestsEdit

Level-Related QuestsEdit

Level Quest Type
05-1 5 A Day Fruit Shop Goods Icon Farm patch planted
07-1 You're The Boss Fight
07-1 Something Fishy Fishmonger Goods Icon Fight
09-1 Eco Warrior Windmill Goods Icon
11-1 Fleshing Things out Butcher Goods Icon Fight
12-1 Lording It Fight
12-2 Wheat from Chaff Farm patch planted Goods Icon
12-3 Culling Time Fight
13-1 A Kinda Magic Magic Shop Goods Icon Fight
24-1 In His Shadow Fight
24-2 Too Mush? Farm patch planted
24-3 Good Monster Hunting Fight
27-1 Firefighter Fight
27-2 Daily Double Farm patch planted
27-3 Dinner Dilemma Goods Icon Farm patch planted
30-1 Chaotic-Goods Fight

Seasonal QuestsEdit

Some quests relate to holidays and seasons, and only appear for a limited time out of the year, with the relevant holiday being the deadline to complete all parts of the quest.

The storyline of the adventure is themed to match the holiday. All quests unlock in a linear pattern.

A countdown timer shows in red text above the progress icon on the side of the screen.