This three-part quest is given by Emile, the Farmer Girl.

Previous Quest: Monster Attack!
Next Quest: The Town Guardian

Part 1

Did you see that? The monsters just ransacked the whole town, took everything from the shops! Say, if you harvest Goods to restock them, you'll be able to make a fortune in Gold!


Part 2

Will you look at all those fine Good! You can use those to restock the shops and start earning Gold like nobody's business!


Part 3

Thank you! Villagers have started returning to the shops and we're now earning valuable Gold! Remember to keep growing crops so that we're never short of Goods.
TIP: Select from different crop types - they have different growing times.


You did it! You know, for the first time since the evil surrounded the town, I'm starting to feel cautiously optimistic about lasting the night.
TIP: Remember to collect crops and restock shops when they run out of Goods.

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