The Market is a special area where you can purchase items for your Town like Shops, Houses, and Decor that earn you Gold or help make your town look beautiful!

To access the market, click on the icon on the bottom of the screen. To navigate to the different market areas, tap on the tab on the top of the screen. Each tab is labeled with the type of items inside. For instance, you'll find all the various types of shops under the "Shops" tab.

There are two additional market tabs, Free and Treasure, which allow you to gain additional Diamonds, Gold, or Goods.


For more information about houses, see Houses.

Houses are buildings which provide a gold payout every few hours. They can be upgraded like shops for an increased payout amount.


For more information about shops, see Shops.

Shops are buildings which must be restocked with Goods and provide payouts in varying lengths of time. They can be upgraded using Collectibles to increase the amount they pay out - but this also increases the number of goods they need to be stocked with.


For more information about decor, see Decor.

Decor, or decorations, can be placed around your Town for decoration. These items do not provide any additional gold or diamonds, though in rare cases purchasing them is required to complete a Quest.


Free icon
For more information about free treasure, see Free.

There are various ways to obtain free gold or diamonds for your game, for example by watching promotional videos or connecting to Facebook.


Treasure icon
For more information about treasure, see Treasure.

It is possible to buy additional gold, diamonds, or goods for your game.