This two-part main quest is given by The Old Wizard.

Rrerequest: Slug It Out
Trigger Quest: Creature Feature

Part 1Edit

Urban beekeeping is apparently the new cool thing and I definitely want to be cool, so I bought some bees from a nice old witch in the swamp. She told me they only eat cakes, sodas and fruit juice.


  • Restock Bakery Bakery 30 times. (Skip for 1 Diamond icon icon each.)
  • Restock Fruit Shop Fruit Shop 10 times. (Skip for 8 Diamond icon icon each.)
  • Restock Inn Inn 10 times. (Skip for 6 Diamond icon icon each.)

After Finish the Quest:
Thanks! I'll let you in on a secret. I don't even like honey. Can't stand the taste! But don't tell anyone... I just want to be cool. You understand that right?


Part 2Edit

Turns out the bees I bought were wasps...giant mutant wasps... They've taken over the swamp. Please do something! I feel like such a fool.


  • Defeat 25 Fight Wasps. (near waterfall) (Skip for 4 Diamond icon icon each.)

After Finish the Quest:
Well, that was kind of embarrassing and thoroughly uncool, so let's keep this little incident between you and me, okay?


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