Houses are available to purchase from the Market and provide a Gold payout after a certain time period. All houses can be upgraded, similarly to Shops, with gold and various Collectibles.

Standard HousesEdit

Special Houses Edit

These houses are only available during a Seasonal Quest.

Costs & PayoutsEdit

House Level Price Period Minimum
Cottage 1 500 8:00 200 500
Town House 6 900 10:00 250 600
Brick House 8 1,800 12:00 400 770
Royal Villa 12 3,000 18:00 600 1,000
Hobbit Home 15 5,000 3:00 200 500
Mansion House 20 50 Diamond icon 24:00 1,500 2000
Pagoda 25 60 Diamond icon 10:00 1,000 1,500

Cottage Town House Brick House Royal Villa Hobbit Home Mansion House Pagoda Elixir Maker
Seasonal House: Dracula's Castle Mexican House
Market Categories
Decor Houses Shops

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