Hats are equipment items used to customize the appearance of Heroes. They are decorative only, and do not offer any additional points to Hero Stats.

Hats can be purchased or collected as loot items from Monsters, Dungeons, or Seasonal Quests.

Hats ListEdit

Hats icon

There are five different tiers of Hats, each with its own price, that can be purchased at random from the Hero Heroes Menu.

Standard HatsEdit

Starter Hats Starter chest icon 200 Gold icon
  1. Brown Cap (rare)
  2. Milk Pan
  3. Cotton Hat
  4. Plain Hood
  5. Journeyman Headband
  6. Helper Cap
  7. Bucket Hat
  8. Engineer Cap
  9. Feather Cap
  10. Forest Hero Hat
  11. Robin Felt Hat
Great Hats Great chest icon 1,000 Gold icon
  1. Satsuma Knight Hat (rare)
  2. Pirate Bandana (rare)
  3. Rogue Mask
  4. Skull Helm
  5. Musketeer Hat
  6. Eye Patch
  7. Captain Hat
  8. Raccoon Styled Hat
  9. Ninja Headband
  10. Shaman Mask
  11. Healer Hat
  12. Silver Circlet
Legendary Hats Legendary chest icon 3,000 Gold icon
  1. Legionnaire Helm (rare)
  2. Elite Knight Helm (rare)
  3. Feather Helm (rare)
  4. Fortune Teller Headdress
  5. Scholar Hat
  6. Witch Hat
  7. Wizard Hat
  8. Gold Circlet
  9. Medic Helmet
  10. Nutcracker Hat
  11. Fairy Princess Circlet
  12. Sorceress Circlet
Epic Hats Epic chest icon 15 Diamond icon
  1. Centurion Helm (rare)
  2. Elven Warrior Helmet (rare)
  3. Sapphire Knight Helmet (rare)
  4. Ninja Head Scarf
  5. Laurel Wreath
  6. Red Gem Circlet
  7. Viking Helmet
  8. Princess Tiara
  9. Cleric Hat
  10. Poet Cap
  11. Hunter Hat
  12. Sleeping Cat Cosy
Ultimate Hats Ultimate chest icon 49 Diamond icon
  1. Paladin Helm (rare)
  2. Legendary Knight Helmet (rare)
  3. Samurai Helm
  4. Conquerer Headgear
  5. Abyss Knight Helmet
  6. Odin Helm
  7. White Queen Crown
  8. Black King Crown

Random HatsEdit

Loot Drop
Quest Rewards