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Diamonds are a type of Treasure. They can be used to purchase many things in-game, such as Collectibles, Decor, Equipment, and various upgrades, as well as other treasure: Gold and Goods.

How to ObtainEdit

One diamond is granted for every Player Level gained. They are occasionally dropped as an item by defeated Monsters, the Town Guardian, or Elixir Maker.

The primary way to acquire diamonds, in-game, is by completing Bounties. Ten Stamps collected from completed bounties posted at the Bounty Board will yield five diamonds.

Diamonds can also be purchased with real money under the Treasure tab of the Market menu.

  • 20 Diamond icon for $1.99
  • 55 Diamond icon for $4.99
  • 115 Diamond icon for $9.99
  • 240 Diamond icon for $19.99
  • 655 Diamond icon for $49.99
  • 1,410 Diamond icon for $99.99