Cotton Shirt
Category: Armor
Subcategory: Starter Armor
Item Details
Source: Heroes Menu
Cost to Buy: 500 Gold icon

The Cotton Shirt is Starter Armor.

Armor improves the Hero Stats health and luck.

How to GetEdit

Purchase the Cotton Shirt for 500 gold with the "Get More Equipment" button in the Hero Heroes Menu, under the Armor Armor tab, Starter chest icon Starter Armor.

Stats by LevelEdit

Level Health Health Luck Luck
1 10 2
2 12 3
3 14 3
4 17 4
5 22 5
6 27 5
7 34 6
8 43 7
9 55 8
10 70 9

Starter Armor
Cotton Shirt Cotton Tunic Engineer Coat Helper Coat Journeyman Jerkin Leather Jacket Traveler Cloak Worker Robe
Armor Categories
Starter Armor Great Armor Legendary Armor Epic Armor Ultimate Armor

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