Colored Flowerpatches
Red flowerpatch
Category: Market
Subcategory: Decor
Item Details
Source: Market
XP: 1 XP icon
Cost to Buy: 600 Gold icon
Value to Sell: 300 Gold icon

Colored Flowerpatches are Decor that take up 2 x 2 spaces in your Town.

How to GetEdit

Purchase Colored Flowerpatches for 600 gold each from the Market Market under the Decor Decor tab.

Colors GalleryEdit

Tree Birch Tree Pine Tree Spruce Tree Palm Plant Scary Tree Palmtree Willow Tree Cactus Prickly Pear Rock Cluster Large Rock Small Rocks Pots Obelisk Flame Stand Plain Flowerpatch Blue Flowerpatch Pink Flowerpatch Red Flowerpatch White Flowerpatch Yellow Flowerpatch Emblem Banner Duel Banner Wolf Banner Unicorn Flag Lion Banner AUS Banner BRA Banner CAN Banner CHN Banner DEU Banner DNK Banner ESP Banner FRA Banner GBR Banner ITA Banner JPN Banner KOR Banner TUR Banner USA Banner Small Fountain Large Fountain Pink Well Blue Well Red Well Tree Stump Wood Logs Wood Bench Wood Crate Crate of Apples Crate of Pears Mushroom Hay Bale Enchanted Flower
Seasonal Decor: Bonfire Red Chinese Lantern?
Market Categories
Decor Houses Shops

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