Category: Market
Subcategory: Shops
Item Details
Source: Market
Collectible Drops: Bone Beef
Restock Time: 4 Hours
XP: 1 XP icon
Unlock at Level: 11
Cost to Buy: 1,500 Gold icon
Value to Sell: 750 Gold icon

The Butcher is a Market Shop. The Butcher takes up a 2 x 2 space in Town.

How to GetEdit

Purchase the Butcher for 1,500 gold from the Market Market under the Shops Shops tab.

Drops / CollectiblesEdit

  • Bone
  • Beef (unlocks when building is Level 2)


Level Payout Restock Cost Upgrade Materials Upgrade Cost
1 280 Gold icon 70 Goods Icon 3,000 Gold icon
2 320 Gold icon 84 Goods Icon 7,000 Gold icon
3 370 Gold icon 98 Goods Icon 20,000 Gold icon
4 420 Gold icon 112 Goods Icon 45,000 Gold icon
5 480 Gold icon 126 Goods Icon 90,000 Gold icon
6 550 Gold icon 150 Goods Icon


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Seasonal Shop: Wizard School
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