Bounties are activities to complete like Quests, but instead of being given by game characters they are posted on the Bounty Board. Up to three bounties are posted daily at the same time each day [around 3am]. Completion of each bounty gives 1-4 Stamps for the Bounty Stamp Card. Each card requires 10 stamps to fill, giving a 5 diamond reward once filled. Extra stamps carry over to the next card.

There are three types of bounties, from most common to rarest: trading in Crafted items, killing 20 Monsters, and dispelling Dungeons. Crafted items have a 24hour countdown before expiring. Killing monsters expires after three days. Dungeon bounties last seven days.

Craft Crafted Stamp - StampStampStampStamp Bounty List Edit

Monster bounty symbol Monsters Bounty List Edit

Killing 20 Monsters for StampStamp. Cooling off period is three days. The bounty expires after three days.

Name Monsters Location
A Grind Of Magic Goblin Wizard Grasslands
An Eye For An Eye Golden Eye
Back To Your Roots Rootling Grasslands
Cut Crystal Giant Crystal Frog Swamp
Faceplant Carnivorous Arnoldii Swamp
Ghost Ridder Ghost Swamp
God Complex Anubis Elite Desert
Golden Opportunity Golden Glob Grasslands
Gumdinger Gummy Funguse Swamp
Horns Blow Horned Observer Lava Pits
Moths To Flame Dark Moth Grasslands, Lava Pits
One Million Mummies Dark Mummy Desert
Passing The Slime Slime
Pincer Attack Enemy Crab Swamp
Spike Out Spiky Cactus Desert
The Last Risotto Red Cap Mushroom Grasslands
Trilo-Fights Trilobite
Warlocked Warlock Lava Pits
Waving Wabbits Dark Wabbit Grasslands

Dungeon Dungeons StampStamp Bounty List Edit

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