The quest is given by The Farm Girl. This quest has two part.

Previous Quest: Reach Level 5, Bounty Board
Trigger Quest: None

Part 1

After reading some article about fitness and wellbeing, the villagers are on some health kick. I guess it'll probably do them some good.


After Finish the Quest:
This health stuff ain't so bad. I make a heck of a fruit salad BTW. You should try it some time.


Part 2

So now they're all about eating healthily, the villagers have formed a dieting club. Could this be the end of our donut and sausage love affair?


  • Strawberries Harvest Strawberries 5 times. (skip for 5Diamond icon each.)
  • Radish Harvest Raddish 5 times. (skip for 5Diamond icon each.)
  • Dew fruit Harvest Dew Fruit 3 times. (skip for 10Diamond icon each.)

After Finish the Quest:
The diet club is fully stocked with vegetables and our villagers are becoming a lean, mean, monster siege battling regime!


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